How to choose a suitable DXRacer model?

When making the decision, you should take into account not only your preferences concerning colors and design, but some DXRacer technical characteristics, as well. Refer to the size chart to figure out the most optimal model for the best user experience. Gaming series of dx racer includes the following items:

• Origin DXRacer Series features usual arms, conventional tilt mechanism, nylon base and durable mesh. This is an affordable model with basic characteristics.

• Formula DXRacer Series has 3D adjustable arms, color bar base, conventional tilt mechanism, PU cover and vinyl look. Ideal for both playing and having rest.

• Racing DXRacer Series features the same 3D straight arms and conventional tilt mechanism, but has a more solid aluminum base to ensure better stability. It has pretty height limit of weight and durable carbon vinyl covering.

• King DXRacer Series has exceptional characteristics: with 90° 4D Arms, solid aluminum base, PU covering, multi-functional mechanism and bigger casters, it may serve for a longer period and bear even the heaviest users.

• Sentinel DXRacer Series has been designed for tall users. These DXRacer chairs feature: adjustable arms, durable aluminum base, PU covering, multi-functional mechanism and maximum seat height of 24 inches.

• Tank DXRacer Series consists of big and tall chairs. According to reviews of these chairs, they would be perfect for full-figured men, because these DXRacer models have heavy Duty-T Tilt mechanism, extra strong aluminum frame, strong mesh and arms adjusted in multiple directions.

Use DXRacer size chart

Weight limit is not the only DXRacer feature that should be taken into consideration. Don’t forget that it’s important to know the dimensions you need. To ease the task, there is a size chart on the official DXRacer website. It will help you to find out what DXRacer model of chair will be optimal. Female users and children may feel comfortable sitting on chairs of DXRacer Origin and Racing series, while bulky users are recommended to select DXRacer King, Sentinel or Tank series.
Don’t hesitate to read reviews on the official DXRacer website and gaming forums game republik austin texas: you will find a lot of useful information concerning the selection and adjustment of DXRacer chairs. Your comfort and health depend on the right choice of DXRacer gaming chair model.


Read different reviews of chairs, and you will find out that DXRacer is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the world! DXRacer gaming chair models are commonly used by professional gamers who often praise them in their reviews and streaming videos. DXRacer is always the right solution, no matter what you do – play, work in your computer, or simply rest.

DXRacer Gaming series is diverse, and includes many different models. To make the right choice, look for the information in DXRacer size chart, read about features and adjustment settings of every DXRacer model, and take your body type into account. Beginning players will like DXRacer Origin and Formula series, while those who seek for maximum reliability and comfort should opt for DXRacer King and Tank series.
With DXRacer gaming chairs, outstanding user experience is guaranteed. This is an investment in your comfort and health. Read more about dxracer on their official site

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